Culture Kitchen

The Future of Team Building

Future of Team Building

How to Work Remotely

Impression and Emotional Management



Culture Kitchen is a fun, interactive online team workshop. The program uses state of the art cloud gaming to put you in situations to practice interdependent team work .

You take the role of one of four chefs running a fictional restaurant. While every chef can do any task, no chef can do every task! You have to work together

The program is professionally facilitated, and players learn the latest in positive psychology to promote bonding and camaraderie. Inspired by the work done with Googles’ People Analytics Division and made publicly available through their re:Work program, The Culture Kitchen gives you the professional skills to improve your team culture using positive psychology.


Science shows us that bonding improves the “R”s

  • Relatedness

  • Regulation (of emotion)

  • Resiliency

If you want to help your people relate better, manage their emotions, and develop resiliency in a fun interactive way, then Culture Kitchen Can help.

Take Aways

You and your team will learn about the pitfalls of Impression Management and how we are all indoctrinated into that limiting belief system as young adults.

You will learn the 5 ingredients of the Culture Pizza and how to apply them including:

  1. How to design Meaningful work

  2. How Purpose can unleash passion

  3. How to improve Dependability

  4. Why Clarity in roles and responsibilities is crucial

  5. How to cultivate Psychological Safety in your teams.


Your team will need:

  • Decent bandwidth (If you can watch Netflix in high definition your internet is probably fast enough)

  • A Windows or Mac OS computer with sufficient privileges to download and install the cloud computing client


  • A cell phone with headset to run the chat client

  • or a headset with microphone for the computer chat client.

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