CitySolve U

Adventure Race


Fully Customize-able



CitySolve U is a unique adventure race that is perfect to showcase points of interest on and off campus. It’s like The Amazing Race and Trivial Pursuit combined! Teams will solve clues and face fun challenges. This event is perfect for new student orientation, family weekend, sibling weekend and much more! CitySolve U is more than just fun and games- you can trust that CitySolve U will deliver a fun experience, students will have a lasting positive memory and might even learn a thing or two.


  • Fun and creative experience
  • Builds camaraderie amongst students
  • Creates school spirit
  • Excellent way to explore and learn the campus
  • Excellent way to explore and learn the area off campus
  • Excellent way for clubs and organizations to be introduced to students
  • Excellent way to introduce students to faculty and staff
  • Helps establish a sense of community
  • Shared positive experience
  • Improves communication and interaction
  • Encourages problem-solving

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