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Virtual Programming Solution


VIRTUAL PROGRAMMING SOLUTION!! Connect with our team and ask for the Kahoot option, and away you go! Advertise the event to your campus community through the use of your favorite telecommunication platform and deliver prizes digitally.  We’ll still write it – you’ll still run it. 🙂

Team trivia on your campus! This affordable and fully customize-able trivia event provides you with fun, new, and exciting trivia each week, month, or all semester long.  Looking for an event that matches a theme or awareness programming?  Host a themed trivia night with questions exclusively on Harry Potter, Black History Month, Disney, Marvel Comics, Star Wars or more!


  • Trivia script: rules and emcee directives
  • Team score cards, emcee score sheet, and promotional poster -Emcee training video (Digital options available!)
  • 63 questions: 7 rounds with 9 questions per round
    • General Knowledge
    • Theme Round: questions from Beyoncé to Breaking Bad to bald people
    • Picture Round
    • Sports & Games
    • History, Geography & Culture
    • Matching Round
    • General Knowledge


  • priced so that there is money left over for food and prizes and other campus events.
  • saves your team time so you can devote more time to other events/responsibilities
  • trivia is thoughtful, well designed, and lasts approximately 90 minutes.
  • always triple checked answers. Wikipedia is never used as source to verify answers.
  • questions are fair. The answers to questions will always have a specific answer – never ambiguous.

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