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Award winner: ACPA, NASPA and NACA
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Guided coloring party hosted by Natalie.

Enjoy time together with thoughtful conversation around finding joy during times of uncertainty. Each package comes with three original coloring pages.  Ask about our options for custom pages for your audience!

Some of Natalie’s favorite topics to tackle with groups include teambuilding, effective communication, self-assessment and evaluation, servant leadership and emotional intelligence. Her thoughtful, researched and authentic approach – coupled with her sense of humor and knack for fun make her a dynamic voice for salient learning and development. An experienced facilitator, Natalie has trained with Gallup, LeaderShape, ACUI, ACPA and NASPA, and holds the title of LeaderShape Lead Facilitator.



Natalie Keller Pariano is a lettering artist, writer and sprinkler of positivity confetti from Columbus, Ohio. She has been described as the Kimmy Schmidt of paper – colorful, quirky, socially conscious and fun!

With more than 10 years of experience as an award-winning student affairs educator, Natalie’s experience in college curriculum development, leadership facilitation and program design, coupled with her talent for modern calligraphy and illustration uniquely qualify her to offer high-impact, experiential art and personal development programs to your campus.

Natalie launched her brand, NatterDoodle, in 2015 when after months of sharing her creations on Instagram and mailing doodles across the country to anyone who asked (for free!), she realized her hobby was turning into a jobby! Natalie’s portfolio of clients includes companies HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, Tuesday Morning, ROSS and more – Natalie thrives on sharing her love of lettering in a workshop setting!

NatterDoodle features Natalie’s fresh take on wordplay, equal parts sappy and snarky. In addition to her hand lettered goodies, Natalie hosts creative lettering workshops or “Pen Parties” across the country to help folks feel more colorful, creative and connected!

With a popular Instagram (@natterdoodles) known for its rainbow theme, knack for storytelling and a keen eye for color, Natalie has carved out a place as the Queen of Confetti and an artist to watch! NatterDoodle products can be found in some of the coolest boutiques across the country and in the NatterDoodle flagship store in Columbus, Ohio, boasting a full collection of lovingly lettered goods for happy homes and hopeful hearts.


nat·ter /nadər/

informal verb 1. talk casually, chatter; noun 1. a casual and leisurely conversation.

doo·dle /do͞odl/

verb 1. scribble absentmindedly; noun 1. a rough drawing made absentmindedly.

natter+doodle = natterdoodle

Doodled words, especially positive messages, snarky truths and happy thoughts are our jam. Are they yours too?

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