Esports Open

Pop-Up Esports Tournament

Pop Up eSports Tournament 
Indoor/Outdoor compatible
Half/Full Day Event options


Esports Open is a unique form of video game event that combines fun competition, with energetic presentation hosted by a professional video game announcer. Esports Open is a new kind of video game tournament that maximizes player participation. 

Play and Stay

While most esport tournaments take a ​win or go home approach and take a long time, an Esports Open tournament creates a ​Stay and Play​ environment that maximizes participation and allows everyone to play and watch. Players are never eliminated. They may compete as often as they like. There are limits to how many pins, medals, and trophies they can win but they may participate as often as they wish.

Live Commentary

Our professional announcers, or shoutcasters,  are experts in making game play exciting for the players and the audience. They know the characters, the maps, the levels, and the skills required to succeed. They are skilled at building excitement and calling out details people would not otherwise notice, such as play-by-plays and color commentary.


Our professional event staff and certified game coaches are there to make the event easy for everyone. An integral part of “yes you can play” – coaches take away the fear of failure and help players get into the game.


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