Making Lemonade out of COVID19

I’ve never given much thought to Global Pandemics until the eerie release of Netflix miniseries “Pandemic”. I watched it. It was terrifying. And then I didn’t think about it again until it started happening in real life a few weeks later. Damn. Did we manifest this?!

I founded Rebelle Events after some intense soul searching and branding work to encompass how Rebelle would look, feel and operate. Understanding core values and purpose was and continues to be the day to day focus and comes in handy when it’s time to make decisions. I book events that enhance and build community through live events. I represent and book events that engage, inspire and fill up those proverbial cups of every audience member. Live entertainment is fun and a great way to spend the time – but the purpose of it is profound and impactful. The shared experience can bring understanding and compassion when before, there was none. It can bring dialogue, new ideas and different perspective, strengthen a team culture, increase efficiency. It’s more than passing time – it’s turning your brain on in a new way, while also relaxing and turning your brain off.

As a member of the Gig Economy the coronavirus has had and continues to have a profound effect on my industry and those that I represent. But, as they say, through challenge comes opportunity.

While I believe that there is really no substitution for face to face connection – I do believe that with smart, intentional and well-crafted programs and performances we can still get the same benefit even when we’re not able to be in the same room together. And in a time when panic, anxiety, fear and uncertainty are at an all-time high – why would we NOT want to serve our community in a way that allows us to all take a breather and re-focus. Even if for only an hour at a time?

While live performances as we know them have changed seemingly overnight in this industry – the reason for Rebelle Events has not. Creating community through live events will continue to be the primary focus of our agency. And filling those proverbial cups in the process. But for now, we do that virtually. (AND we talk about booking summer and fall dates at the same time, ya’ hear?!) 🙂

Please review our current product based of virtual programming solutions and let’s set up a time to talk about what this looks like and how this works. I promise – they’re good. They’re intentional and purposeful and will absolutely make this time of uncertainty better. Even if just for an hour or two. 😉 You can see them all by clicking here.

I look forward to connecting. I’ve found that this week it’s especially nice to talk via facetime or skype or the phone. It feels good to hear and see a friendly face on the other end. Although, full disclosure – I’ve got three kids and if they’re going to be learning remotely like all of you before this is over, then our convos may be reminiscent of this sweet family here.

Massive love and encouragement to all of you.