Why Rebelle

Some of my most favorite memories have revolved around moments of rebellion. Like extreme activities that require helmets and ‘you-might-die-doing-this’ waivers and for SURE increased life insurance premiums. Marathon running, skydiving, white water rafting – let me do it all. I once drained my checking account on a plane ticket for a vacation with my girlfriends assuming that in a year I’d remember the fabulous adventure more than the financial strain it brought. Responsible? Absolutely not. Entertaining and rebellious? A thousand times yes.

Growing up in a small, rural farming town in Iowa – community was everything. My friends and neighbors showed up for me. And me for them, no questions asked. It’s a lesson I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn. However, I knew I couldn’t stay. I knew that after graduating I had to explore. And while many stayed close to home, I chose to rebel.

After college, I used my education to pursue a career as a booking agent – which also meant a few years of part time jobs (and student loan deferment). I worked my ass off, sang karaoke on weeknights and made it to a night of Prince’s Musicology tour. That time was packed with rebellion (and a 30 minute rendition of Purple Rain that absolutely changed my life).

2018 was declared The Year of the Woman. I had an answer EVERY time Beyonce asked “Who Run The World” and a new rebellion was born in me when I heard Maxine Waters so boldly say “Reclaiming my time.” I saw myself in these women and while unsure of exactly how – I knew I had to be a part of it.

In early 2019, it started to become more clear to me that after years of convincing myself that I never wanted to be a business owner, it was in fact, time to start my own business. Not because I was unhappy in my job – quite the contrary. It was simply time for me to start my own rebellion. A community of entertainers and event organizers boldly making the worlds around them a happier place – uniting individuals and celebrating the fact that the rising tide raises all ships. When one succeeds – we all succeed. And so Rebelle Events was born.

We are successful because of our communities and those who have come before us have championed us while showing us the way. And for all of those people, I am forever grateful.

Rebelle and have fun. Rebelle and inspire. Rebelle together.